About the book

The Porterfields was compiled by Frank Burke Porterfield and published in 1948 by Southeastern Press, Inc. of Roanoke, Virginia. It's 344 pages of Porterfield history starts with the original Porterfields in Scotland. According to this publication, the first of the many Porterfields was John Porterfield of Porterfield whose lands in Scotland were confirmed to him on February 3, 1460.

Just like many genealogical compilations, this book is known to have errors. For example, Harvey D. Porterfield is listed on page 110 as born in 1805 and his year of death is shown as 1853. Later, on page 123, his year of death is stated as 1953. Obviously, he did not live to be nearly 150 years, so this second entry is a typographical error. Other errors include the omission of parts of families. My great-great-great-great-grandfather is listed in the book with five children. Missing from this list is his oldest child (his only daughter) and his youngest son, my ancestor.

However, the book remains a good tool for Porterfield researchers. But the lack of an index of names makes it difficult to lookup people in the book. I have spent hours reading back through pages I have read before, trying to help someone find a Porterfield or related ancestor.